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5 Core & Personal Year  Reading    

This is a special combination- offer of the Personal Year Reading and the 5 Core Numbers Reading.

This combined reading will reveal your Life Purpose , Character, Attitude, Hearts Desires, Personality, Destiny and your Personal Year Cycle for the current year. 

 It's all about the timing; even if you are on track with your heart desire and/or life purpose and yet your working with the wrong cycle/timing your efforts will not be as fruitless. This is a $104.00 value

 Please provide your birth date, your birth name as written on your birth certificate and the name you currently use.

 Investment $73.00    

Compatibility Reading

Same as the 5 core numbers reading only 2 charts combined plus attitude and personal year to show the compatibility of the couple.  This is a must have if you're planning to get engaged, married, or even for business like dealing with a  boss  and/or co-workers to make the relationship productive and pleasant.  This is a $146.00 value. 

Submit Birth name and Birth date for both people

Investment $125.00

If you desire a different type of reading like, repeating numbers, personal year number or dreaming of numbers please submit a request for a discovery session @ 843 900.1440

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