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Stefanina the Author

Me a writer? I never even gave it a thought. My numerology numbers indicated that writing is one of my skills, but I was too busy talking, why did I need to write.

As life moved me forward in the direction of my desires I began to realize my dreams and I was loving it and then boom, the bottom dropped out. 

I got divorced and the judge gave him the house. WHAT? That doesn't happen with 2 children that are not emancipated.

But I got through it and built a new life and I was happy and successful and began to experience my new dream life... boom it happened again.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was told I wasn't going to live.

I beat cancer and decided to change my life again. I sold my business my home and moved to a new state, a new home and I began anew...or so that was my intention.

The economic downturn of 2008 caused me to lose my property, my home, my savings and my income... boom, it happened again.

Do you see a pattern of loss, can you feel the pain. I'm sure you have had similar experiences.

Then I realize; I did have something more to say and it had to be pen to paper and not just talk, talk, talk. There were lessons I needed to learn and now a message I have to share and the numbers revealed it before I even realized it. 

I gave birth to The Power of Numerology; the book.